God this is stupid question. But, do you believe that they will make a "Diabolik Lovers Season 2" I mean - I have had heard rumors from a Popular DiaLovers FB Page that the Producers of DiaLovers made announcement for a Third Game "Diabolik Lovers: Dark Fate" and they confirmed that there will be a second season in the near future.

I honestly don’t know.

I would imagine that if the original anime was very popular and helped with game sales (I have no idea if it was or if it did), then there would definitely be a reason for them to make a second season based on MORE BLOOD. However, if the anime didn’t go over well, or didn’t help sales of the game series, there’s very little reason for the company to fund another season, since if the original didn’t really hit the market well, they wouldn’t want to waste money on another one which could potentially go the same way. 

It really just depends on how popular the anime was and how much it helped game sales, and how much money the company is willing to spend on a new series. 

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» Mod Announcement

If anyone was doubtful as to why I need to give the blog away, this week should be a good indication x.x

I’m only just now able to get online, this week has been a horrible mess all around, I haven’t even had time to look at messages, let alone get confessions done. I apologize for that, once again. This kind of thing is the exact reason why I’m having to give the blog away. Weeks like this are probably going to continue on for a long time. 

Mod application submissions are CLOSED at this point (I couldn’t make an announcement about it Saturday), so I’ll be taking the ones sent in and read over them. I’ll announce my decision for the new mod by this weekend (hopefully will actually be able to do it on time), and I will try to get confessions done over this week as well, as I feel terrible for everyone having to wait again.

For now, I’ll be closing the Ask box, so that I can get all the current confessions done with and not have to worry about more coming in just in case this week gets ridiculous again. I’ll reopen the box by Monday, hopefully, as it’ll be a good chance to help the new mod get used to how things are done as well as have some test confessions to do! 

Thank you all again for your understanding, and I hope to actually manage to get some stuff done this week. 

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Hello, so i know this is probably a very dumb question but im new to rp and i was curious what exactly a mod is and what the jobs would be for being a mod?

Oh, this isn’t an RP blog, dear! This is a confession blog.

Basically, people send in confessions they have over the show/game and characters (ex: “I really love Ayato, but I’m afraid of being judged for it”), and the mod (currently me right now) takes the confession, pastes it into a black box overtop an appropriate picture (in this example, a picture of Ayato) and then posts it to the blog and tags it with the appropriate tags (again in this example, it would be #diabolik lovers #ayato sakamaki), and that’s it! 

If the mod decides to use a fanart for the confession, instead of a screencap from the anime or a sprite from the game, they need to properly source the fanart below the confession (I typically put the source in a simple (x) underneith the image or confession). 

And while it’s not part of the mod’s job or job description to, sometimes people will have questions about the series which you can decide whether or not to answer. It’s not required for me to answer questions on here, but I try to anyway since I see no reason not to. :)

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» Mod Applications are Open!

I’m very sorry for the long time it took for me to actually get this ready! This week has been crazy busy, and I also found myself having difficulties making a proper application (still not satisfied with the one I’ve come up with, but oh well, spent enough time on it already). 

Below is the mod application form that must be filled out in order for you to be considered for the mod position:

Name: (your mod name, if you would want to have one)

Blog: (you can link your main blog on the mod page if you so choose, but it is by no means required)

Time zone: (this will help to know when you are active, both myself and the fandom)

Available: (the days when you’re available to work on confessions)

Do you plan to uphold all current guidelines?: (also self explanatory)

Are you able to remain unbiased to all confessions?: (self explanatory)

Are you active in the fandom?: (active doesn’t have to be posting things all the time! just checking the tag, reblogging things, etc, counts as well)

Why do you want to be the new mod?: (self explanatory, really)

If you are interested in applying to be the new mod for DL Confessions, please fill out the application form to the best of your ability, and send it to the blog by Fanmail or Submit

I will be accepting applications until the end of the week. Applications will no longer be accepted after February 8th at 11:59pm (CST). If you do not know when this will be for your time zone, please check here.

Good luck to everyone, and I’ll be opening the Submit page momentarily. :)

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yuma should slam and jam and drop it rock it down the room shake it quake it space kaboom turn it up burn it up burn it up burn it up

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I don’t really like how Yui doesn’t even try to defend herself against the vampires. I mean yea, she struggles, but I feel that if she really wanted to, she could kick one of them in the balls and run or stab them with the knife she got. It’s just my opinion though.

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Hi. I just came across you're tumblr and saw the post where you said "Laito" was the official name. I'm actually pretty sure it's "Raito" because in Japan the 'R' sounds exactly like the 'L' and apparently the "L" doesn't really exist in Japan alphabet.

That wasn’t my post, that was a confession from a member of the DL fandom.

Raito’s name is awkward.

His actual romanized name is “Laito”, that’s the official name used in official works by the company. You are correct that there’s no actual “L” sound in the Japanese language, and that, when said by a Japanese speaking person, it comes out as “Raito”, but that is not his official name, only the way his name sounds when said.

I personally prefer to use Raito myself, just because it rolls off my tongue easier and the fact I think “Laito” sounds silly (I’d rather just call him Light, if I had to pronounce it that way), but in the official works for Diabolik Lovers, his name IS spelled and referred to as “Laito” with an L.

It’s mostly just personal preference for people as to what they decide to use.

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Sometimes I would love to and if I could I would, go to the DiaLovers mansion and even if he denies I would hug him. And give him the love he never got as child. ( I think that they should also make a session 2 but this time include the Mukami brothers. That would be awesome. )

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